Who am I?

I am many things - none of them particularly remarkable. More than anything, I am a son, a brother, a husband, and a father. I am also an avid music fan who loves virtually every genre; I am convinced that I can find music I like in any genre (though it might take some looking). I have a deep love of movies; not movies from every genre, but a vast number of them. I'm handy with computers, which I have been using since I was a teenager, and from which I have made my living. I have been a deciated runner (mostly longer distances, half-marathons and up) for more than 10 years. I love to travel: anywehere, anytime. I love phtography. I am a lifelong remedial student of Japanese.

Why a blog?

I also love to write. I often compose letters, articles, or parts of books while running. Very few of these snippets are captured anywehere - and even fewer are shared. Having recently been though an experience that changed me, I decided I finally wanted to share some of my thoughts. Thus, brainleak.us was born.

What will I write?

I will write about anything that moves me. Though I begin with observations from my recent medical adventures, I will epxand over time to cover a multitude of topics.

All feedback is welcome.

January, 2015